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First Aid Kit for Feelings – Udemy course

First Aid Kit for Feelings Course

At the close of 2016 and beginning of 2017 I was involved in a beta course, which is the title you can see.
The video course was by The Helpful Clinic and Thora Rain who is the founder of the clinic was the instructor. Thora has years of experience as a practitioner of health.
She has had experience with illness herself and has had ME/CFS and Fibroymyaligia, so she knows of the daily struggles we all face from her own experiences.

The course is   Udemy Course and as I use Udemy a lot for courses found this a very professional set up as well as the courses are there for life. . From a purely photographic view, it was excellent camera work and used different angles which I found really good.

To the course itself, I do have experience of some of Thora’s methods as Miranda is a patient with her and also I have been with a colleague of her’s as well.

I have so many notes that I wrote down in a pad, that it would take ages to put them up on here, but if anyone is interested in this peice I will put more up and go into more de-tails. The course is over 4 hrs long and I would suggest as I do if anyone wanted to do it, that they write it down in a pad, or take notes a computer, because there’s so much you can forget.
Going into it a very brief overview, are things like “is it helpful” and “what is a first aid kit” Thora asks us to observe how we feel about what we doing. This was really interest-ing, I always think of myself is quite laid back, but I found I was really angry about things, very good reason at the time, but still it brought it to the fore.

Thora asks what do we do when we are stressed and what do we reach for, this could be our first aid kit, if it’s positive.

A really good hint as well in the course is that Thora gives an eg of a chap (off memory) who spills something and the natural thing would be to lose it, but if you sing something slow, like you have all the time in the world, it really works.

Miranda has found me more calm since starting the course, which can be only a good thing in our situation.

As I said if anyone wants more info, just ask.


Lactose or not to lactose?

I’m going to try and keep the blog more updated, I always mean to but my health sometimes dictates what I’m able to do.

Anyway over the last few weeks Miranda has decided to come off milk completely and replace most of her calcium in the diet by Soya milk products to see if this is affecting any of her intestinal symptoms. The reason is, is that some in her family do have definite problems this way.

This is a trial to see how it works. For the first few weeks she found that her stomach did benefit, however lately she has had terrible nausea so the jury is still out on that, will update soon.

Miran can still only get to the bathroom and hasn’t been downstairs for quite some time.

Hope everyone that reads this is feeling as well as possible and hope carers are coping to.


Into the depths of ME/CFS/FMS

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted.

Unfortunately things haven’t improved for us, Miranda is very severely ill and is finding things hard to cope with. She keeps picking up one infection on top of another. Sometimes things seem to be turning the corner and then it all goes wrong again. Miranda feels very scared trapped in her own body that doesn’t function very well, getting to the toilet and eating is the only things she can do and even that’s very difficult on a daily basis. It’s been like this for over a year now and in the last 9 weeks with further viral infections ever worse.

With me also having ME it can be very stressful trying to look after someone in a position I was in myself once over. I get silly little illnesses like gum infections which won’t clear up, even with many bout of antibiotics.

The Dr is actually very supportive now and seems to see the illnesses as it is – a very debilitating condition, which affects every part of your life.

Also these infections that we can catch according to some Dr’s, don’t always show many symptoms but because of ME we feel like death.

Miranda is going on antibiotics to see if that helps in anyway. She’s wary of the side effects but has to endure them, in case there is any improvement.



Tuesday 11th

It was a better day. Miranda felt a little more encouraged although still very ill.

The Dr who we thought wasn’t going to come out the previous day, did it fact come out on the afternoon. She was full of good advice which surprised us to say the least and she seemed to understand ME/FMS.

Today however Miranda is again very ill and finding it hard to do the basics like eat, get tot he toilet.


What a terrible week!

Since last Tuesday Miranda has been going downhill with severe weakness, nausea, pain. She can’t wash, can only just make it to the loo and finds it difficult to eat and speak.

She is just eating things like soups and slim fast.

We called the Dr out yesterday but she wouldn’t come out, so that was great.

Nobody knows what it’s like to live like this unless you have experienced it.