Monthly Archives: November 2011

Into the depths of ME/CFS/FMS

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted.

Unfortunately things haven’t improved for us, Miranda is very severely ill and is finding things hard to cope with. She keeps picking up one infection on top of another. Sometimes things seem to be turning the corner and then it all goes wrong again. Miranda feels very scared trapped in her own body that doesn’t function very well, getting to the toilet and eating is the only things she can do and even that’s very difficult on a daily basis. It’s been like this for over a year now and in the last 9 weeks with further viral infections ever worse.

With me also having ME it can be very stressful trying to look after someone in a position I was in myself once over. I get silly little illnesses like gum infections which won’t clear up, even with many bout of antibiotics.

The Dr is actually very supportive now and seems to see the illnesses as it is – a very debilitating condition, which affects every part of your life.

Also these infections that we can catch according to some Dr’s, don’t always show many symptoms but because of ME we feel like death.

Miranda is going on antibiotics to see if that helps in anyway. She’s wary of the side effects but has to endure them, in case there is any improvement.